Prioritize and assign predictively through the exposure ranking of each of your business services, orient your efforts to critical processes, leaving behind the traditional vision that prioritizes from the critical infrastructure.

Camel 360 is the first IT Risk Management Platform that allows an agnostic en holistic correlation of the entire security ecosystem, in real time, focusing on the business, and allowing to interact and report security breaches from the integration of the four main modules of the platform: Vulnerabilities, Incidents, Assets and Documentation.


Camel 360 has the most advanced technology in technology risk management, classify and organize your business services, protecting government entities, mining, aerospace companies and many more,
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Camel Exploit
As we know scanning vulnerabilities can’t be a daily task, we search in hundreds of sources the most recent exploits worldwide and cross it over with the infrastructure of each client, indicating in real time, which of these exploits affect it, in order to take the necessary safeguards and always be attentive to the cybersecurity movements worldwide.
Incident Management
Camel 360 is a powerful Incident Response Management Tool, which can be integrated with different event management, monitoring, ticket or other platforms, generating workflows and risk calculations based on different risk matrices.
Asset Discovery
Our technology allows, through Camel Discovery, to discover all the information related to you assets, both infrastructure and critical services, and manage it directly through Camel Asset Library.
Asset Management and Library
Camel 360 provides the possibility of storing and managing in real time all the infrastructure elements of your business, in one place, whether tangible or intangible. This information can be obtained from the asset discovery generated by Camel 360, as well as from other discovery tools or customer documents.
Camel SIEM
Have access to the most advanced technology for asset discovery and event correlation, with CAMEL SIEM you can:

• Build multiple correlation rules
• Classify the assets to Critical Processes
• View operational and executive dashboards
• Artificial intelligence for event classification
• Assignment of events by technology or correlation
• Creation of tasks and work logs

Multiplatform Cyber Management
Consolidate and analyze all the IT risk information of your organization in a single management panel, centralizing vulnerabilities, incidents, documents and assets, agnostically to the different technological brands.
OWASP Classification
Classification of vulnerabilities according to OWASP top 10 (Open Web Application Security Project). Using artificial intelligence models, Camel 360 is able to classify different types of vulnerabilities in real time, either those discovered by Camel Scan or by other Vulnerability Scanners.

Vulnerability Scanner
Camel 360 has its own scanning tool, which analyzes all the vulnerabilities of hardware and software infrastructure, in addition to allowing the upload of vulnerabilities analysis generated by other tools on the market.
Vulnerability Management
We manage all vulnerabilities entered into Camel 360, whether they are identified through Camel, uploaded from other tools or entered manually.
Each vulnerability has a file indicating its detail, criticality level, status, mitigation responsible, and mitigation plan. Also, this file works as a work log.
• Event based status management
• Alert affected infrastructure and services
• Incident resolution time
• Heat maps that indicate the risk in real time
• CMDB with auto discovery
• Real-time alerts through WhatsApp
• From anywhere at anytime
• Over 100 rules already created based on ATT&CK

With Camel 360
you can use your time

Risk Identification and Management
Based on different calculations and the configuration of risk matrices, CAMEL 360 is able to provide a risk score for its different Business Services, in order to have a more business-oriented vision, different from the traditional vision which only talks about the criticality of the infrastructure.
Order and prioritize your business services, focusing your efforts on what is really important for the “Business”.
Risk Matrices
Camel 360 allows you to load and create multiple risk matrices, with the purpose of calculate your tasks, compensatory controls, activities and others. Forget about those annoying risk matrices in spreadsheets and interact with them directly through Camel 360.
Instant Online Reporting
Camel 360 gives you the possibility to create, download and store different types of customized reports, applying filters and configurations according to the information required. In addition, Camel 360 has predefined reports and dashboards that help you visualize the information.
The SLA assignment to the different work teams allows to measure and monitor the time periods from the moment a vulnerability is assigned until it is corrected. The SLA control delivers to the executive team all the metrics necessary for a correct vulnerability management.
Heat Maps
Identify your probability or impact and calculate the risk in real time, in order to be visualized from our different heat maps in a coordinate graph of technological operation.
Document Management

Upload your documents and manage them through the platform, assigning responsible and generating alerts according to commitments.
Advanced multi-device messaging and alerts
Camel 360 counts with an advanced messaging, allowing users to interact with the system through WhatsApp or create meetings in Google Hangouts, so all users will be at the same time, in the same place and always informed.
Roles and Profiles
With the role and profile module, you can configure different types of access and functionalities in the system. This allows you to release risk management information by segments.

Business Services

CAMEL 360 is the most suitable tool for organizations and security consultants:

It helps to order the infrastructure and critical assets, from a business perspective, based on the most important processes of the organization itself and, based on that information, automatically calculate the level of risk of each of them. This allows to make more efficient the decision making of senior management.
Camel 360 orders and classifies without human intervention, based on AI models, each vulnerability or incident and automatically assigns them to each specialist resolution group, in order to begin the mitigation and compliance stages according to the established SLA.
According to the knowledge acquired, Camel identifies the resolution areas and assigns the vulnerabilities to these specialist groups so that they begin to mitigate according to the defined SLA’s.

With CAMEL 360 you can use your time efficiently.

Fast implementation and commissioning.
Cost savings in infrastructure and operation.
Management Simplification.
Vulnerability resolution time reduction.
Online availability of information.
Centralized dashboard and cross-sectional visibility of IT risk.