Camel is an ecosystem of platforms and services of Cybersecurity that will help you in the management and calculation of technological risk in the services and critical processes of your organization. We call this process "Business Services" analysis.
Through the Camel Ecosystem, our team of experts will be continuously advising you of your risk level and the most advanced tasks in the cybersecurity operation, all necessary to face the different needs of each industry.


We provide you with all the Camel technology necessary to analyze and manage the entire area of exposure to risk, indicating where your most vulnerable vectors are and assisting you in how they should be solved. We become part of the risk management process through integrations with existing platforms, we analyze your vulnerabilities with the power of Camel VM, we manage the infrastructure with Camel CMDB and finally Camel docs to manage your document processes.
All this oriented to the risk of your company and your critical services with Camel 360.

Risk maps based on your business services
You infrastructure vulnerabilities
Heat maps with risk status on demand
Risk matrices
Events management visibility, online
Global database of all exploits that affect your critical infrastructure
Infrastructure assets discovered by CAMEL CMDB
Documents associated with critical processes
Eventos or vulnerabilities assignment to resolving groups
Metrics and SLA compliance
We analyze all your exposure area through our management and self-discovery platforms, then we discover your technological vulnerabilities with Camel VM, we assist you in the creation of your critical services, we create and manage the resolution groups, for this we will be continuously assisting your cyber security operation through our Camel 360 platform. All this information is ordered according to the criticality and impact for the business and according to Camel analytics – Business Services philosophy, different dashboards and ranking of exposure and risk are created so that you can interact with each component of the risk.
You only have to be subscribed to one of the Camel Family products and immediately through your user interface our team will start interacting with you. This is very simple, in all the sections of Camel in which our Team can help or in processes that for some reason you have forgotten, we will become part of the solution. For example, if you have vulnerabilities associated to a specific platform, we will recommend how to fix them or if you are having many incidents related to a product or infrastructure, we will give you recommendations on who to talk to so that this error does not happen again.

Think of Camel as a continuous assistant that will be making recommendations on when you should scan your infrastructure, thinking about the least possible impact or what documents you should do to be closer to a PCI or ISO 27001 certification or what is the risk of your most critical services, showing you heat maps and dashboards thought about your reality.

With CAMEL 360 you can use your time efficiently.

Fast implementation and commissioning.
Cost savings in infrastructure and operation.
Management Simplification.
Vulnerability resolution time reduction.
Online availability of information.
Centralized dashboard and cross-sectional visibility of IT risk.