Camel Discovery (CMDB)
Gain complete infrastructure visibility into on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Track changes that occur in your organization and store your assets in Camel Discovery (CMDB). Establish a solid foundation with accurate data and relationship views for ITSM change management, manage your software assets, customer services, security operations, and more.

Quick discovery
Configure and discover your entire infrastructure, withouts agents and automatically, on- cloud or on-premises.
Create your own CMDB
CAMEL D has a multi-classification and auto-discovery CMDB, which allows creating infrastructure components, with the particular configuration of each component and for each business. CAMEL D allows to create, reuse or choose fields of use in each infrastructure file, allowing to automatically develop and without human intervention all the dashboards that the organization requires, in a friendly way and empowered with the functions of self-discovery and management, all included in the use license.
Unify the visualization
Access all your CI data in one place through a single dashboard.
Critical infrastructure analysis
Discover, identify and classify your technological infrastructure according to your needs and impact.
Reduce Costs
Eliminate unnecessary or underused ICs.
Advanced Support
Access through our “CAMEL COMMUNITY” platform to our different professionals in the region, allowing queries related to CAMEL D or related products, such as CAMEL 360, CAMEL S through forums, email, chat or phone.
Save time
Eliminate countless hours of manual labor and human error.
Camel Security
CAMEL D has the highest security standards, controlling point-to-point connectivity through SSL, AES-256 encryption, double factor authentication, WAF, Security Group and controlled access lists.

Some use cases

- Data center consolidation
- Fusions and acquisitions
- Infrastructure assessment
- Implementation of a new CMDB
- Infrastructure optimization
- Disaster Recovery Strategy / Planning

With CAMEL D you will be able to discover, identify and classify your infrastructure more efficiently and quickly.

CMDB with multi-classification and auto-discovery
Keeps organizations infrastructure updated in real time
Reports changes specific to the ecosystem formed by the production areas of each company