Camel Incident Response is the most effective platform an organization can use to respond and manage a cyber attack. A data breach or attack can wreak havoc and potentially affect businesses. The response to an incident aims to reduce this damage and recover as quickly as possible.

Executive dashboard
Create your executive presentations directly from your incident management platform thanks to our advanced executive dashboards.
Heat Maps
View the associated risk with an incident in a graphic and friendly way, this through different heat maps that update automatically, depending on the risk of the critical infrastructure involved in the incident.
Camel incident response allows to correlate similar alerts in one single incident, avoiding hundreds of incidents generated for the same reason. Connect your various alarming devices and turn them into incidents without the need of human intervention.
Collect and correlate all your events coming from different technological platforms to give them a unique and transversal vision. Camel incident response is capable of collecting from sources such as email, log’s, web services and others.
Critical infrastructure incidents
Alert, identify and classify your technology infrastructure incidents based on your needs and impact.
Advanced Support
Access through our platform “CAMEL COMMUNITY” to our different professionals in the region, allowing queries related to Camel Incident Response or related product, such as CAMEL 360, Camel S through forums, email, chat or phone.
Save time
Eliminate countless hours of manual labor and human error.
Camel Security
Camel Incident Response has the highest security standards, controlling point-to-point connectivity through SSL, AES-256 encryption, double factor authentication, WAF, Security Group and controlled access lists.
Single panel
Consolidate and analyze all your incident information in a single management panel, verify the different assignments and responsibilities of the entire process with a complete view of all your critical assets and business services.

Some use cases

- Incidents from a SIEM
- Monitoring alerts management
- CSIRT management
- SOC monitoring
- Critical infrastructure incident management
- Alerts consolidation

With CAMEL INCIDENT RESPONSE you can alert, identify and classify your incidents more efficiently and quickly

Cognitive Classification
Keeps your incidents and events in real time
Informs changes specific to the ecosystem formed by the production areas of each company