The new generation of
SIEM event correlation

CAMEL S belongs to a new and exclusive generation of “SIEM event correlation”, oriented to visualize the technological risk of organizations from the perspective of their business, leaving behind the traditional way of calculating risk depending on the criticality of the vulnerabilities of their infrastructure.

Cloud Technology
CAMEL S was born as a cloud solution, therefore, it doesn’t need complicated production steps or enabling physical space in the infrastructure of organizations. It’s only necessary to activate one agent on the local network (from a license) and it will automatically communicate with Camels Cloud.
Advanced Customization
Access the most advanced SIEM event correlation technology, with CAMEL S you can:

• Schedule multiple correlations
• Classify according to their Business Services
• Visualize operational and executive dashboards
• Artificial intelligence for correlations classification
• Events assignment by technology or operating system
• Creation of tasks and work logs by vulnerability
• State administration (mitigated, not mitigated, false positive, etc.)

Camel Security
CAMEL S has the highest security standards, controlling point-to-point connectivity through SSL, AES-256 encryption, double factor authentication, WAF, Security Group and controlled access lists.
Customized reports
Creation of customized reports (according to criticality, host, plugin, port, etc.) and storage of historical reports, with their respective mitigation management progress. Export the different CAMEL S dashboards in multiple formats (image, data, print), for an efficient presentation preparation to senior management.
CAMEL Update Plugin
CAMEL S has more than 100,000 plugins in use and is constantly updated, so our customers receive in real time all the latest correlations in the market and for the different existing technologies.
Advanced Support
Access through our platform “CAMEL COMMUNITY” to our different professionals in the region, allowing queries related to CAMEL S or CAMEL 360, through forums, email, chat or phone.
CAMEL S is agnostic
CAMEL S is the only SIEM that allows you to connect to other events analysis software and correlate your information on a single platform. In this way, a holistic and historical vision of the entire correlatios analysis cycle is obtained, without having to use different platforms.

Camel S correlation rules are based on MITRE ATT&CK®️, which is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. The ATT&CK knowledge base is used as a foundation for the development of specific threat models and methodologies in the private sector, in government, and in the cybersecurity product and service community.


CAMEL S is the most suitable tool for organizations and security consultants:

Execution of unlimited
correlations rules
Unlimited assets
in the asset library
Cloud solution, access from anywhere and at any time.
Data is encrypted and access are protected by double factor authentication.

With Camel S you can identify, understand and respond to threats much faster.

Asset Library with Multiclass classification and Discovery
Maintains the organization infrastructure updated in real time
Informs changes of the ecosystem formed by the production areas of each company
A powerful correlatios analysis engine that manages in real time, anytime, from anywhere.