How It Works?

How it Works?

We created a digital platform that allows you to collect, correlate and integrate
the entire cyber security ecosystem of your company.

We do it in a unique way, with the most advanced technology and in a simple way.

We are able to look where no one looks, and everyone would like to do it.

We look at your business, we understand it and we want to make it easy.

We are an information bridge between your business and the technical areas.
We make visible to all, what a few understood before.

We use artificial intelligence models to calculate your technological risk,
making the security and risk of your IT ecosystem, something very simple to

Our great advantage is that we see the risk of your technological ecosystem
as a whole and that means we control your IT infrastructure in a 100%.

We prioritize risk exposure according to your business.

We are an autonomous platform that integrates data accurately and agnostically.

We make possible to visualize your risk, at any time and from anywhere.

In Camel Secure we see the unseen, what the organization is not able to see,
and the best thing is that we see it in a unique way and exclusively for your business.

Build your business services
Identify your assets
Classify your assets according to your business services
Analize your IT environment (Vulnerabilities, Incidents, Documentation, Assets)
Calculate the risk
Prioritize your business risk