Vulnerability Manager

CVM belongs to a new and exclusive generation of "Vulnerability Manager", aimed at visualizing and managing the technological vulnerabilities of organizations from the perspective of their business, leaving behind the traditional way of calculating risk depending on the criticality of the vulnerabilities of its infrastructure.

Vulnerability management
With CVM you will be able to scan the vulnerabilities of your infrastructure, classify them according to their technology or level of impact and assign them to those responsible. Develop workflows and measure their levels of compliance and corresponding KPIs.
Customized reports
Creation of customized reports (according to criticality, host, plugin, port, etc.) and storage of historical reports, with their respective mitigation management progress. Export the different CAMEL CVM dashboards in multiple formats (image, data, print), for an efficient presentation preparation to senior management.
CAMEL CVM is agnostic
CAMEL CVM is the only vulnerability manager that allows you to collect information from other vulnerability analysis platforms and correlate your information on a single platform. In this way, a holistic and historical vision of the entire correlations analysis cycle is obtained, without having to use different platforms.
Exploit verification in real time
CVM counts with CAMEL EXPLOIT technology, which allows searching in hundreds of sources of information the exploits available in the world, and compare them with the particular infrastructure of each organization, making a perfect match and reporting in real time all existing exploitable vulnerabilities in the network that could affect the unique infrastructure of each organization.
OWASP Classification
Classification of vulnerabilities according to OWASP top 10 (Open Web Application Security Project). Using artificial intelligence models, Camel CVM is able to classify different types of vulnerabilities in real time, either those discovered by Camel Scan or by other Vulnerability Scanners.
Camel Update Plugin
CAMEL CVM has more than 60,000 plugins in use and is constantly updated, so our customers receive in real time all the latest correlations in the market and for the different existing technologies.
Camel Security
CAMEL CVM has the highest security standards, controlling point-to-point connectivity through SSL, AES-256 encryption, double factor authentication, WAF, Security Group and controlled access lists.
Advanced Support
Access through our platform “CAMEL COMMUNITY” to our different professionals in the region, allowing queries related to CAMEL CVM or CAMEL 360, through forums, email, chat or phone, even collaborating with the Camel Secure customer community, in order to implement and share best practices for cyber risk management.
Assignment to resolving groups
Classify all your vulnerabilities according to their technology and assign them to the different resolving groups, all following ITIL best practices.
Vulnerability scan
CVM has the most advanced technology in vulnerability analysis. Connected with labs around the world to always have the latest updates and exploit.

Step by Step

Why CVM?

CVM not only allows you to analyze infrastructure vulnerabilities, but also manage them in workflows, follow up on resolving groups, attach work plans and everything necessary to meet the regulatory or operational needs of your Company.

Execution of
unlimited SCANS
Unlimited Assets in
vulnerability management
Being a cloud solution,
access from anywhere and at any time
The data is encrypted and its
accesses are protected by double factor authentication.

With CVM you will be able to identify, understand and respond to threats much faster.

Execution of unlimited SCANS
Unlimited assets
Cloud solution, access from anywhere and at any time
Encrypted data and access protected by double factor authentication.