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An infrastructure vulnerability scanner
and website vulnerability scanner, all in one platform.


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CVM brings together the functionalities of both Camel X (Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanner) and Camel W (Web Vulnerability Scanner), allowing to analyze IT vulnerabilities and web vulnerabilities but, in addition to that, it also gives a focus on the critical processes (or business services) of the organization, and allows to manage the vulnerabilities found within the same platform, assigning resolvers to groups and configuring SLAs. It also has the functionality to auto-discover and manage assets through its infrastructure library.

Create your own
library of
Now it's easy

CAMEL CVM has a multi-classification CMDB, which allows you to discover or create infrastructure assets with the particular configuration of each component and for each business.


More automation,
less hassle

Allows access to the most advanced vulnerability scanning technology, with CAMEL CVM you can:

Schedule multiple scans

Vulnerability mapping by
technology or operating system

View operational and executive
Operational and executive dashboards

Artificial intelligence for
vulnerabilities according to OWASP

CAMEL CVM , a powerful tool and the most suitable one for organizations and security consultants


Access through our “CAMEL COMMUNITY” platform to our various professionals in the region, allowing queries related to CAMEL W or related products, such as CAMEL X, CAMEL WX or CAMEL 360, via forums, email, chat or telephone.


CAMEL CVM is the only Vulnerability Scanner that allows you to connect to other vulnerability scanning platforms and correlate your information on a single platform. This provides a holistic and historical view of the entire vulnerability scanning cycle, without having to use different platforms.


CAMEL CVM has the highest security standards, controlling end-to-end connectivity through SSL, AES-256 encryption, two-factor authentication, WAF, Security Group and controlled access lists.

Discover the
Camel's strength

Execution of unlimited SCANS
No limit to the number of assets in the CMDB
Your data is encrypted and your access is protected by two-factor authentication.

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