Camel BE

Focus your efforts in exposure resolution, with a business approach. Correct your vulnerabilities, incidents, documentation and risk based on CAMEL BE exposure level indicators.

Business Services Prioritization

Prioritize in a predictive manner using the exposure ranking and score of each of your Business Services and focus your efforts not on the infrastructure, but on your critical processes.

Main Features

Risk Ranking
Identify your exposure level and technological risk by correlating all the components involved in your cybersecurity ecosystem. Camel BE calculates the risk in real time using CAMEL SCORE, which provides an online score calculated by artificial intelligence models considering different sources, impact and probability.

Agnostic integration
Calculate your technological risk by correlating all your events, from different sources and technological platforms, in order to provide a cross and unique vision.
Cross Evaluation
By using all the components involved in the risk calculation, you are able to have an open view of the existing vulnerabilities in the entire security ecosystem.
Single Dashboard
Consolidate and analyze all risk information in a single management dashboard. Verify the different assignments and responsibilities on the entire process with a complete view of all your critical assets and Business Services.