How It Works

Welcome to the new era of IT Risk Management Exposure

Cyber exposure of both data and critical infrastructure components is a new concern and priority in all kind of organizations. The methodology to address this issue is focused on the study and calculation of the technological risk, transforming the analysis efforts from “information silos” structure to a Business Services dimension, in a holistic way, responding to new modern attacks variants.

This new form of risk calculation, from a Business approach, improves the decision making processes for IT service management using CAMEL 360 modules: Vulnerabilities, Assets, Incidents and Documentation.

CAMEL 360 is able to search the Web and Deep Web for the different sources of risk, such as exploits and vulnerabilities, which are correlated with the particular infrastructure of organizations, in order to make a perfect and unique exploit MATCH. This process allows to report in real time the risk exposure of all the technological assets of the organization.

Analysis of modern infrastructure

Organizations around the world, medium and large, have the same difficulty when managing large volumes of infrastructure and assets, both in the cloud and on-premise data centers. Information traffic patterns between Business Services has changed, mainly due to the processes of digital transformation that we are currently experiencing. On the other hand, the IoT devices have come to stay, and from our perspective, allowing and elastic adaptation of the different Business Services a company has. For this reason, the critical assets of a company can no longer be considered as before, as only infrastructure assets, but information assets that need to be secured continuously. This implies that the traditional process of monitoring and analyzing vulnerabilities, it’s no longer enough.

Camel 360


All security tools specialized in infrastructure analysis play a main role in technological assets protection, but these kind of tools are not enough since the exposure of these assets changes daily, which means that a traditional vulnerability analysis process does not operate necessarily in real time. Each time a new feature is deployed in a particular asset, a new security breach must be analyzed.
Camel 360 allows organizations to analyze, in real time, all type of services available in the infrastructure and compare them with the different EXPLOITS published in hundreds of repositories around the world.
Camel 360, permite analizar a tiempo real todos los servicios disponibles en su infraestructura y compararlos con los distintos EXPLOIT existentes en cientos de repositorios alrededor del mundo.