The first risk management platform that allows a holistic and agnostic correlation of the entire security ecosystem, from a business approach, allowing the analysis and report of vulnerabilities and security breaches by the integration of our platform modules: Vulnerability Manager, Incident, Assets, Scan, Exploit and Business Exposure.


Business Services

Our vision of risk from a business approach, allows the top management to be more efficient when they need to prioritize decisions and actions. This is one of our main differentiators from other competitors.

Artificial Intelligence

Camel AI allows organizations to automatically classify all their vulnerabilities under OWASP methodology, and manage their incidents using multiple risk matrices.

Incident Response

Our state of the art technology in cybersecurity incident management allows us to integrate with any platform on the client's security ecosystem, correlate the data and create incident tickets by using workflow management.

Assets Auto Discovery

Our technology allows to discover all the infrastructure and manage it directly on its CMDB. We don’t use annoying agents on servers or workstations.

Camel Business Exposure

Focus your efforts in exposure resolution, with a business approach. Correct your vulnerabilities, incidents, documentation and risk based on CAMEL BE exposure level indicators.

Camel Vulnerability Scan

Camel Scan allows you to analyze your infrastructure in order to discover vulnerabilities and security breaches.


Organize all critical configuration elements of your business in one place and repository, giving assets in-depth visibility to all the organization.

Heat Maps

Identify risk impact and probability, and visualize incident risk in a graphic and friendly way using heat maps that are updated instantaneously, based in events on critical infrastructure.

Camel Exploit

Camel Exploit is able to search the Web and Deep Web for the different sources of risk, such as exploits and vulnerabilities, which are correlated with the particular infrastructure of organizations, in order to make a perfect and unique exploit MATCH. This process allows to report in real time the risk exposure of all the technological assets of the organization.

Risk Matrix

Technological risk classification can’t be random. It is a priority to measure the security of all the information contained in your technological infrastructure using the correct risk assessment methodology. CAMEL IT provides Heat Maps with automatic classification, which can be modified in real time, based on business needs.