Camel 360
Cyber Risk Platform

Investigate, assign, prioritize and manage, in real time, the risk of both your vulnerabilities and critical assets.

Manage all your infrastructure

With Camel 360 you can manage all your vulnerabilities in a precise and instantaneous way, assign them to different resolution groups and calculate the risk associated with both your critical infrastructure and your Business Services.

Do you know who is solving incidents and vulnerabilities?

Camel 360 allows you to manage and assign vulnerabilities to your different work teams as well as to resolution groups, assign SLAs and have full visibility of the different KPIs associated with vulnerability resolution.

Main Features

Resolution Groups Assignment
Evaluate, assign and resolve vulnerabilities by means of the association of resolution groups in your company. Full visibility of responsibilities in your team and supervision of vulnerabilities lifecycle.

SLA assignment to different work teams allows to measure and supervise how long it takes a vulnerability to be corrected since it is assigned. Key SLA metrics allows the top management team to manage and correct vulnerabilities in a more efficient way.

Single Dashboard
Integrate and analyze all the information from your IT vulnerabilities in a single management dashboard. Verify the different assignments and responsibilities of the entire process with a complete view of all your critical assets.

OWASP Assignment
By using artificial intelligence models and OWASP methodology, sort and automatically assign all the vulnerabilities coming from the different correlated scanning tools.

Resolution Log
Analyze and store all vulnerability management phases, tracking each of the stages in which your different work teams participated. Store your documents, risk letters, infrastructure log and much more.
Agnostic Integration
Camel 360 allows you to store and correlate vulnerabilities coming from the most used Vulnerability Scan tools sources in the IT security industry, with a unique independent and integrated vision.
Custom Reports
Use more than 150 different panels and build your own reports with the most powerful and advanced search filters. Personalize and reuse your panels in order to visualize the risk from a cross and holistic perspective in your company.