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At Camel secure we have created a new generation of vulnerability scanner, “Camel X”, and the IT Risk Management Software “Camel 360”, aimed at giving visibility of IT risk from a business perspective, your business perspective.

Camel 360 is the first IT Risk Management Platform that allows an agnostic en holistic correlation of the entire security ecosystem, in real time, focusing on the business, and allowing to interact and report security breaches from the integration of the four main modules of the platform: Vulnerabilities, Incidents, Assets and Documentation.

CAMEL X belongs to a new and exclusive generation of “Vulnerability Scanners”, oriented to visualize the technological risk of organizations from the perspective of their business, leaving behind the traditional way of calculating risk depending on the criticality of the vulnerabilities of their infrastructure.

Assign to resolution groups and start measuring compliance.
CAMEL X allows you not only to scan your infrastructure vulnerabilities, you can also do it from a business perspective. Scan the vulnerabilities of your Business Services.
At Camel Secure we see the unseen.

Did you know that with Camel 360 you can manage your risk matrices? Our platform allows you to visualize residual risk, inherent risk, associate hazards with one or more assets, as well as resolving groups, etc. Consequently, you can have greater visibility of the risk level of your business services.

Vulnerabilities? With CAMEL SECURE you will always know.
Visualize the risk with a business language, Camel 360 is the new generation in risk management.
We simplify the interaction between our customers and their environment.

Prioritize and assign predictively through the exposure ranking of each of your business services, orient your efforts to critical processes, leaving behind the traditional vision that prioritizes from the critical infrastructure.