Camel has achieved an innovative solution in the technological risk management of companies, contributing to the work of both IT security and risk areas. Having a specialized and dedicated team from Camel and Pretorian, allows to customize the solution to the specific needs of each client, along with the accompaniment throughout the project, unlike other more rigid solutions that are limited to modules or pre-defined standards. With Camel, each client manages risk according to their own system of calculation and risk weighting, and also has a very wide coverage in terms of information integration and custom reporting.

Rodrigo Bustos Olavarría

We consider that having a business partner like Camel meant a strong differentiator in the market, since through this alliance we could centralize all the solutions of our portfolio, allowing us to follow our vision towards our customers around the world. The secure side of innovation.

Franco Giovanni Zaro

In the 24 years that we have been dedicated to cybersecurity, we have seen the great and constant challenge that security officers or CISO’s face, extensive and complex networks, multiple platforms, big data and a long etcetera that not only takes away the sleep of the CISO, but also does not allow them to have a normal work schedule, with CAMEL SECURE the CISO will be able to have the visibility of the IT infrastructure and the calculation of the risk impact in real time, the CISO will now be able to be one step ahead before possible threats and cyber attacks.

Henry Hoyos Soriano